Our task was to carry out research for a travel company, to find out what problems people have when travelling and going on holiday.

skills used


User research


Empathy mapping

Crazy 8s / Double diamond

User flows/journeys

Information architecture


Prototyping and rapid prototyping

User testing

Card sorting and iteration.




Pen & Paper


Adam and I worked great as a team as we both brought varied ideas to the table and collaboratively came to an agreeable outcome.

Whenever we had a disagreement, we took the idea to the user in testing workshops to get the best solution for the user.

People travelling alone are looking for a safe and secure way to experience all of the benefits of group travel, on their own. 

Research synthesis & analysis

As part of our course, Adam and I interviewed each other (and later some friends & colleagues) to get a better understanding of the types of issues people face when visiting a new city/country.

From this, we put together some ideas on the whiteboard to find common themes and thought patterns, along with the rest of our classes experiences.

After finding similar themes such as security, solo travel and planning, we agreed on a problem we wanted to try and tackle... solo travel

Once we had a problem, we started making assumptions and putting together personas. 

We agreed that the typical solo traveller would look like this


21 year old Katie who is on a gap year from University and going travelling

We then put together an empathy map to get a better understanding of our user's pain points, thoughts and feelings.

Coming up with different insights of our user was interesting as it really put you in their shoes and helped you better understand how they would feel in such a situation you are trying to improve.

Once we had a journey map and user flow to show how our user would get to our product, using the thought processes and pain points from the empathy map, we found out different ways in which our user could do or feel to come to this solution.


Seeing a solution start to build, always keeping the user's problem in mind, we started to put together a pen and paper prototype to help us visually.

Adam and I decided the solution would be best portrayed through an app.

We each took a different part of the journey and drew up lo-fi wireframes for our iPhone X MVP.

Having a variety of different screens showing 2 user journeys of our app, we wrote out our scenario ready for user testing.


Adam facilitated the testing session with Jessica who we later found out has done a lot of solo, couple and group travel and was the perfect test subject.


Whilst observing the session I noticed Jessica getting stuck on particular visuals, so once she understood some of the icons, we started to get some excellent insights into the user's mind and how we could improve the app and particular features. 

There were definitely some improvements to be made however, the concept of the app was a massive hit with Jessica and she even suggested we build it so she could download it for future trips!

I'm in the process of creating some further screens for reiteration but have put together our original screens below in the InVision app.

1st prototype

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