Lauren Clark

“I love to challenge assumptions, prove or disprove hypotheses and influence teams and stakeholders with data and evidence. I am the voice of the users.“


I was finally able to make the transition into UX after 3 years of recruiting in the space whilst freelancing as a UI designer. Working with UXers helped me to deeply understand the role and responsibilities, so I knew it was a true passion of mine before I took the Academy Xi course in 2018.   Prior to this, I worked in a variety of industries for companies such as; Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Zurich Financial Services, Ernst & Young and Indeed, as well as smaller businesses and start-ups.  


With my diverse background in customer and client facing roles, User Research and Design is an ideal match for me combining empathy with analytical problem solving, communication, technology and design.

Proficient in:

  • User Experience Research & Design including; hypothesis creation and validation through research & analysis, synthesis, contextual enquiries, double diamond, HCD, persona creation, journey mapping and analysis and empathy mapping. Also quantitative research and analysis including deep-dive into Google Analytics to guide and direct qualitative research, analytics modelling, survey creation, on-site polls, heatmaps and session recordings 

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation including creating optimisation strategy from user problems shown through research, A/B test planning (statistical confidence and analysis), setting up tags and conversion analysis.

  • UI Design including; prototyping, hi and lo fidelity wireframes, layouts, branding and re-design 

  • Client and Stakeholder Management skills and leading multiple projects ensuring deadlines are met

  • Design recruitment & resourcing for short-term, urgent projects as well as permanent placements into the team

  • Reading HTML & CSS and ability to talk to development teams

Employment history

User Research Lead (April 2019 - present)

TOOLS: ClickyBounce, Jira, Confluence, Typeform,, Lookback, Usability Hub, Proven by Users, Optimal Workshop, Figma, InVision, Sketch, Survicate, Hotjar, SessionCam

I was the first UX specialist hired into the company and was solely supporting 6 product squads providing them with clear, actionable insights. Within the first 3 months I had set up the UX research function for the business including the research strategy for each of the squads, and provided key insights across each of the main product verticals. In December, I began to grow the team which currently sits at 3. I have mentored the new researchers and helped support them in their embedded squads running continuous discovery research alongside agile sprints.


  • Qualitative and quantitative research across multiple squads and teams, as well as internal company research to validate or disprove hypotheses. Combining a range of methodologies with formative and evaluative research on products in a range of different life cycles

  • Collaborating with product managers and designers to help identify research needs, providing research support and consultation from discovery through to optimisation, guiding the squads and helping to interpret insights for actionable outcomes

  • Creating the research strategy for each squad and guiding the teams through a user centred approach by communicating clear and compelling suggestions from an amalgamation of data

  • Creating a user recruitment system and database across all products from scratch

  • Facilitating workshops with stakeholders, squads and chapters to ensure all business members understand the users and their problems including the business owner and other senior level stakeholders.

  • Facilitating remote moderated and unmoderated user testing and interviews with a global user base in Europe, Australia, Asia, Central and Northern America. 

  • Evangelising UX by sharing of research insights to the global company at monthly meetings, squad meetings and via chapter education workshops

  • Sharing the research process with different chapters to help them understand what we do and how we can help them solve problems - being the voice of the user


  • Whilst working on the new site projects and smaller product squads, I am responsible for UX / UI design including wireframing and prototyping for new pages / templates and rapid iteration user testing using the ‘Design Sprint’ methodology during Agile Sprints.


  • Influencing senior stakeholders with insights using the end-to-end research process and validating hypotheses that continue to win A/B tests

  • Setting up the UX Research function of the company and growing the team by 2 people, creating the onboarding process and mentoring / training schedule

  • Collaborating on a customer focus initiative with the product management chapter and guiding them through the user interview process via workshops and ongoing consultation and education


User Research & Conversion Optimisation Specialist (August 2018 - March 2019)

TOOLS: Google Analytics, Data Studio,, Google Tag Manager, CrazyEgg, Hotjar, Typeform, Pingdom, VWO, Optimizely, Lookback

  • Qualitative and quantitative UX research and analytics for clients such as:

  • Nude by Nature, H&R Block, Verge Girl and Autosports Group (omnichannel)

  • Full UX process from initial client kick-off brief to insights and optimisation plan presentation including: initial analytics audit and implementation, heuristic analysis, set up of tools (CrazyEgg, Hotjar, Google Tag Manager) and analytics event/goals as well as writing and designing customer surveys (Typeform), live surveys and checking for any browser/device issues, followed by interviews and testing sessions

  • Analysis and synthesis of interviews using affinity mapping, coming up with themes and pain points to focus on for the A/B testing optimisation strategy

  • Recruitment and facilitation of user interviews and testing sessions across web and mobile

  • Presentation of final report, insights and findings on client site


  • Completed Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Analytics and Analytics for Power Users within the first 3 months, whilst leading my first project end to end.

  • Completed the ConversionXL Minidegree Program in Conversion Optimisation, GTM for Beginners, A/B Testing Mastery and Statistics for A/B Testing within the first 4 months.

  • Lead the Nude by Nature project from start to finish presenting the UXC Research Report with a director feedback score of 9/10 for my first project.


Owner & Principal Consultant (Nov 2014 – Present)

TOOLS: Photoshop (basic), Pop (Marvel, basic), InVision (adv), Sketch (adv), Figma (adv)

Projects include:

  • 1xblue (Lois Saunders - Fashion Designer) (WIP)

    • Designed a full eCommerce online store for Lois’ fashion products

  • The Makeover Dolls 

    • Video editing, SEO, SEM, full website redesign consultation including adding a booking system

  • Nicola Beverley, Makeup Artist 

    • Following the completion of the business site, The Makeover Dolls, Nicola wanted a refresh of her own site which inluded: complete re-design and migration from Wordpress to Wix, adding an online booking system and user testing

  • True Nature Unlocked 

    • Full website design service from scratch including booking system.


Creative Account Manager - Accenture/Fjord (November 2017 - August 2018)

UX/UI & Service Design Consultant (January 2017 - November 2017)

Full 360 recruitment process including:


  • Through developing new business, I managed to get Salt Australia's first DRO with one of Australia's fastest growing start-ups, The Fulcrum.

  • Promoted to Account Manager in November 2017 where I managed Salt's biggest global account across Australia & New Zealand - Fjord/Accenture

IGNITE (Prev. Clarius Group/Candle IT Recruitment) 

UX Recruitment Consultant (October 2015 – January 2017)



  • INDEED: Recruitment Solutions Specialist  (June 2015 - August 2015)

  • ERNST & YOUNG: Administration Executive  (September 2014 - January 2015)

  • ZURICH FINANCIAL SERVICES: Underwriter  (April 2014 - September 2014)



Inventory Control Analyst (July 2012-March 2014)

NV PRODUCE (Madestein)

Marketing Manager (September 2011 – July 2012)


Academy Xi, February 2018

Certificate from Chichester College, June 2010 - July 2012: 

Chichester Sixth Form, June 2010: 

UX Accelerate

ILE Certificate in First Line Management

ILM Aware in First Line Management

Diploma in IT

Sage Accounts & Bookkeeping
EDCL Certificate (IT)

Business Studies

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