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After being introduced to Nicola through a friend, I knew this was going to be a fun project!


Nicola is super passionate about what she does, and needed someone to help express herself online with a new website featuring videos she'd made through YouTube. I initially helped with Nicola's YouTube page and following this, worked with Google Analytics ensuring her website was of highest possible visibility and accessibility.


Following this, we started on the re-design of her existing website, adding new features, videos and the calendar booking feature for her private clients.

Research & analysis

Following 5 user interviews, I was able to put together personas. 


From discussing with Nicola what sort of website design she wanted and looking at competitors, I put together a few wireframes with Sketch to show the layouts and content more clear and concise.

The new layouts include cleaner, more concise information with clearer call to actions

I also added a Book Online page which includes a fully functional booking system which sends an alert to Nicola's mobile when someone has booked a service. This includes all services as well as a General Enquiries option.

We also added a services page which, instead of taking you to more separate pages, includes Anchors which take the user down to the section of the page they're wanting to look at - including a location/navigation bar at the side.

Once Nicola was happy with the wireframes, I started putting together the UI.

Nicola was really pleased with the results and so we launched the website shortly after.